Eko Kreations

Sustainable hemp and organic cotton linens handcrafted in the Northern Sierras. 

I grew up in Sweden, on the beautiful west coast just north of Gothenburg. It’s a bare, raw granite coastline and, like most of Sweden, there were endless lakes and forests filled with fir and birch where we would camp in summer. My grandparents old farm was only a few hundred yards from our house and it was here that my grandmother taught me to hand embroider when I was very young. I learned how to make clothes from my mother and as a teen one of my favorite things to do was to go to the fabric store and spend hours touching fabrics and envisioning what I could make.

Eko Kreations started in 2012 after my husband and I had hiked thousands of miles in the Rockies during the summer. It combines my creative outlet of sewing with my love for the environment, and the beauty of nature. Making eco-friendly textiles for the home is my way of contributing to a brighter future and supporting sustainable living. 

I love the functionality of my products. The hemp fabric is very strong and absorbent, and lasts for a very long time. Organic cotton makes the fiber softer from the beginning, and the recycled polyester contributes to a more wrinkle resistant product. This combination of fibers along with the quality stitching make for functional towels and napkins that you can easily wash and dry in the machine, for everyday use.

Since I came to California and met my husband, we have travelled all around, and the diversity of this state constantly amazes me. From the foggy redwood coastline, to the wildflowers of the Sierra Nevada, the grandeur of Yosemite Valley, and that gorgeous little lake called Tahoe. I enjoy being out in the beauty and stillness of nature, breathing in the fresh air and taking in everything that is around me. It inspires my life, my wellbeing, my creativity, my designs, and so much more. 

This is where my designs originate, bringing a little piece of nature's beauty and serenity indoors. I hand draw all my designs, with avid help from my husband who is a great drawer. When I started to machine embroider, a woman in Ohio helped me digitize them, turning my drawings into the sewing machine's stitches, but now I am doing it all myself. My sewing studio in Sierraville, north of Lake Tahoe, is where I cut, hem, embroider, iron and label all my products from start to finish, with occasional help from a friend when production gets hectic. I have gorgeous views out my studio windows towards the mountains. The freedom of being able to work for myself, bring my daughter to the studio, and the feeling of having my creative space and creative world part of my every day life is something I really appreciate.

There is a special quality to goods which are made by hand, with intent and with purpose; they are made by someone who cares and who brings their own joy and happiness into their products. This is for me, a part of sustainability as well.

I hope you enjoy my designs and products, and that they become an inspiration for you too.