Nutmeg Cinnamon Vanilla Bar

Nutmeg Cinnamon Vanilla Bar

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Nutmeg Cinnamon Vanilla Bar. 

Bearwalker beer soap is handmade at Little Seed Farm using Bearwalker Maple Brown Ale from Jackalope Brewery and raw goat's milk from our dairy herd. The beer itself is a deep brown ale infused with pure maple syrup. Chocolate malts add roasted notes to the flavor and aroma. To enhance these characteristics, we add organic vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg essential oils.

Ingredients: virgin organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, grassfed goat's milk, bearwalker maple brown beer, sodium hydroxide, spent brewing grains, organic cinnamon essential oil, vanilla extract, organic nutmeg essential oil.

 *certified organic +made at Little Seed Farm using organic ingredients.

Little Seed Farm, Lebanon, Tennessee.